Epoxy Sealing


Prosealed Epoxy sealant is a two part epoxy resin that can be tinted to all sorts of colours and shades, and used in many different applications. It’s the perfect remedy for those on a budget or your smaller type repair, where pulling up tiles in not an option!

At Prosealed we are renown for sealing and repairing leaky showers and balconies without removing tiles. We do this in a specific method where we de-grout the shower or balcony floor and surrounding internal joints. Clean, dry and heat the joints in preparation for the epoxy seal.

We then inject the Prosealed Epoxy into the joints which replaces the grout, 24 hours later to Epoxy seals and sets rock hard! and backed by our Prosealed Warranty. For those areas with a bit more movement that require some flexibility, we use our flexible Proflex polyurethane sealant.

Both services are non-invasive to our clients homes with minimal noise and virtually no mess or smells through the home, furthermore Prosealed technicians are in and out within the day, this allows clients to go on with their daily routines without any hassles or time constraints due to messy, noisy construction works.