Leaking Showers


At Prosealed we can repair your leaking shower without removing tiles. Using our simple no fuss methods of re-grouting & epoxy sealing techniques that are backed by Prosealed Product warranty and the bonus of being able to use the shower the very next day! Our repair services are hard to beat!

For those showers that require extra work, Prosealed also offer a step by step shower retiling service. Performed by our trade qualified and licensed tilers and waterproofers.

Carefully remove damaged tiles, plaster sheeting or render from the affected areas of the shower.
Re-sheet walls utilising high quality water resistant villaboard or re-render walls.
Our certified/licensed waterproofers will apply the waterproof membrane and polycloth bandage in accordance with the Australian standards(AS 3740 2006 & AS 4858 2004) requirements for residential and commercial waterproofing.
Our qualified tiling professionals will retile the shower to meet our clients needs, incorporating the latest trends and designs Prosealed keeps your home neat and tidy throughout the operational process.
Sealing the showers correctly is most important to us at Prosealed. To ensure there are no reoccurrences of your leak, we grout and seal all of our showers with high quality grout using a combination of waterproof additives and hardeners. Prosealed epoxy products come backed with a product warranty. All of these great benefits allow for years of stress free showering.